Our history

In 2020, the first Jacob's Conceptstore opened its doors at the Hoogstraat in Antwerp. Three more stores were opened in the same year. In 2022, Jacob's really spread its wings with 20 new stores located all over Flanders and Brussels. 

Who is Jacob?

The name of the concept store is referring to the Antwerp painter Jacob Jordaens. Jordaens was a world-famous baroque painter of the 17th century. The painter's birthplace and monumental statue can be found at the Hoogstraat in Antwerp. And let that be precisely where the first Jacob's Conceptstore opened its doors, inspired by the versatility and creativity of its famous neighbour. 

Our founder

Jacob's concept store was founded by Thomas Nouws, a young Antwerp entrepreneur. Thomas is passionate about taxidermy and initially sold stuffed butterflies at local design markets. There he got in touch with other local entrepreneurs and grew the idea of creating his own place where creatives could show and sell their products all year long. 

Join us!

Are you a creative entrepreneur yourself, with a VAT number and interested in being part of our concept stores? Then get in touch by using the contact form